1862 – Shooting Box, Bonawe, Argyleshire

Architect: William Boutcher


From The Building News, October 3, 1862: We illustrate this week a front and bock view, and ground plan, of a shooting box just commenced at the foot of Ben Cruachan, on the shores of Loch Ettive, near Bonawe, Argyleshire. It is built of stone found on the estate, with Ardrossan stone dressings. There is no attempt at ornamentation. A substantially-built autumn residence was all that was required, and that has been provided. The architect has relied solely for external effect upon the grouping of the different parts. In the interior no paint whatever is used upon the wood. The floors will be laid with pitch-pine, and all other joiners’ work will be executed in that wood, mixed with yellow deal. Thus the doors, shutters, &c., will have their frames and panels made respectively of these woods, so as to obtain a variety of tint. In the best rooms the woodwork will be polished ; in the others it will be simply sized and varnished. The ground is excavated only under the servants’ hall, and the adjoining passage, to form beer and wine cellars. Tho arrangement of the ground floor can bo seen by our engraved plan, and the references attached to it. On the first floor there arc si»bedrooms, a dressing-room, water-closet, and housemaid’s closet. In the attics there are four servants’ bedrooms and a lumber-closet. Adjoining the house, a cottage will bo built in the same stylo for the head gamekeeper, containing a living room, back kitchen, larder, Ac., and throe bedrooms, and contiguous to it there will be a well-arranged block of dog-kennels. The architect is Mr. W. Boutcher, of 17, Westbournegrove, London.

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