1904 – Gardener’s Cottage, Forest Row, Sussex

Architect: W. Henry White



Front & Rear Perspective Views including ground & 1st.floor plans published in “Modern Cottage Architecture” 1904. “This cottages was erected at Forest Row, Sussex upon enclonsed grounds, overlooking a wide expanse of common land. The ground floor storey is built with 11 1/4 inch hollow walls of local red bricks. The first floor storey is enclosed with 9 inch brick falls faced with half timber work, treated with Stockholm tar; the spaces being filled in with plaster work, finished a creamy white tint. All the outside woodword is painted white. The accommodation consists of a parlour with ingle nook, and bay window; kitchen with recessed fireplace and bay as shown in the plan; scullery, with larder, coals, earth closet and back entrance. The entrance and staircase are roomy. On the chamber floor there are three bedrooms and space for boxes.”

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