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June 6, 2009

Darley, Frederick (1798-1872)

From a prominent family of whom several were architects and who owned a quarry in Meath that supplied stone to many important buildings around Leinster. Darley’s most important works are the Merchant’s Hall and the King’s Inns Library in Dublin. In the 1840s he redesigned the main staircase in the King’s Inns and possibly designed the north wing of the building when it was extended. Jacob Owen designed the southern wing. He was architect to Trinity College from 1834 onwards and designer of New Square. He was a founding member of the RIAI. His home at 25 Lower Fitzwilliam Street was one of those demolished by the ESB in 1965.

One Response to “Darley, Frederick (1798-1872)”

  • Colm O'Brien

    Frederick Darley (jnr.) actually died in 1872, not 1873 as stated above. An excerpt from my recently submitted MUBC thesis on ‘The Churches of Frederick Darley’ should clarify! :-

    “Historical records and biographical narratives give only a general and incomplete account of the life of Frederick Darley jnr. Little correspondence survives, and at the time of writing, and despite a comprehensive search, it hasn’t been possible to establish the exact date of his death or the place of his internment – his death was never registered.[1] The only references to this date that have so far come to light, are to be found in the minute books of the R.D.S. and in an advertisement placed by the Royal College of Surgeons in The Freeman’s Journal of Nov. 9th 1872 advising that “The President and Council hereby give Notice that on Thursday, the 21st November, they will proceed to Elect an Architect to the College in the room of the late Frederick Darley esq. Candidates are requested to lodge their applications with the Registrar at the College on or before Wednesday, the 20th November.”The R.D.S. monthly meeting of 24th October also recorded Darley’s death, but didn’t note the actual date of his demise.[2]Both of these references would indicate that Darley must have died at some point in the autumn of 1872;[3]…”
    [1] The Darley family vault is situated in Mt. Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, but Frederick Darley jnr. is not interred there; Mt. Jerome Ref. No. 1480.[2] From The Royal Dublin Society – R.D.S. (2012), [Internet] Ireland, The R.D.S. – Past Members. Available from: . [Accessed – 30.03.2012].[3] The Freeman’s Journal & Daily Commercial Advertiser – edition of Sat. Nov. 9th 1872, (Dublin: 1872), p. 1.

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