1863 – Unitarian Church, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Architect: W.H. Lynn






The winning entry in an architectural competition, this little church uses as much of its constricted site as possible. Originally it was surrounded by houses, but these were pulled down and replaced with yellow brick clad offices in the 1970s. The church is placed over a church hall and has a nave, single aisle and transept. The large window in the picture above is actually the end of the transept and not as supposed the end of the nave, as the nave runs north-south. The church has a fine interior.

The church is accessed via a short flight of stairs into the aisle beside the transept. The church is quite small, three bays long with some large stained glass windows to the west and north. At the southern end is the organ. There is a small balcony in the transept.

There is a wealth of detail in the building from the decorative capitals on the columns, the sculptures of angels as corbels, and quite a few memorials. The church has good quality pews, all with an uninterupted view of the altar area. Above it all is a lovely wooden roof held aloft by a small choir of angels.