1893 – Dublin City Fruit Markets, Little Mary Street, Dublin

Architect: Parke Neville



Still Dublin’s Fruit Markets and best observed early in the day when they are still invigorated by the hustle of business, the building consists of elegant victorian steelwork masked behind ornately decorated façades.


The building is decorated with representations of the goods being sold within – clumps of onions and other fruit and vegetables are surrounded by terracotta detailing. The sculptures around the granite entrance archways are by Charles Harrison. “Over the principal entrance to the New Fish and Vegetable Markets and facing Mary’s lane is placed a fine piece of statuary showing the City Arms on a shield, supported on either sides by female figures representing Justice and Commerce, with the motto on the ribbon at foot OBEDIENTIA CIVIUM URBIs FELICITAs. The work was executed by Messrs Harrison and Sons, Great Brunswick street.” The Irish Builder, April 1 1894.

The whole ensemble of polychromic brickwork, ornate wrought iron grilles and sculptures gives the markets a ornateness and cheerfulness that is missing in many of the similar purpose but more recent buildings that surround it.