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March 26, 2010

Lisbon Architecture Triennale selects Cláudio Vilarinho

The team led by the Architect Cláudio Vilarinho was the winner of the Public Competition for the creation of the contents for the exhibition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale to be held in the Museu da Electricidade. The exhibition will take place from the 28 October until the 16 January 2011. architects and designers has been a multidisciplinary, flexible and open structure since 2005. This structure has been awarded several distinctions, notably: the Mobility Award 2007 (awarded for the design of a collective housing building for the elderly); in the competition for the new AMI headquarters in Cascais, the studio was the youngest team to have been awarded a prize; also, for its proposals for the competitions of the School Centre in Fonte de Angeà£o and in Gafanha da Boa-Hora, both in Vagos, the studio has been awarded the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively; finally, in 2009, the studio has already received the 1st prize in the Uniscala ’09 competition, and the 3rd prize in the Arraiolos Castle Requalification competition. In 2007 Newitalianblood selected the studio as one of its Top 10 young emerging architects in Portugal.

The Jury found this project to be unique in that it accentuates the coherence of the exhibition concept. According to the project brief: “The idea which we are attempting to potentiate and which we are presenting for the Exhibition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale in the Museu da Electricidade is an idea which is related to the interior (the house) and the exterior (its garden).”

In this way, in the winning project, a scenographic figurative object representing a house creates a sense of transition between the “real exterior” and the “metaphorical exterior”. The house functions simultaneously as a filter between the street and the exhibition space, this being the place where the introduction to the exhibited pieces and the possible audiovisual elements are found in a darker space. It is a direct allusion to the theme of the Triennale – Let’s Talk about Houses – a key component which plays an important and effective role in the assembly of the whole exhibition.

According to the concept proposed, the exhibitions are thus arranged in the area referred to as the “metaphorical exterior” which features plinths designed using, as inspiration, the shape of the petals of the flower of the Royal Poinciana -Delonix Regia – upon which the objects being exhibited are placed.

The expressive or playful intensity which the proposed design could create was also valued, and was deemed to be an important element in the context of an exhibition aimed at a wide audience.

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