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March 5, 2010

Renowned Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal designs domed stadium for Regina

Renowned Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal designs spectacular domed stadium for Regina

Stadium DesignStadium DesignStadium DesignStadium DesignStadium Design

Stadium DesignStadium Design

Celebrated Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal has designed a domed stadium inspired by the rolling-prairie landscape that would include a 500-room hotel and casino located in downtown Regina.Cardinal was approached by the Independent First Nations of Saskatchewan, which according to the architect’s website, includes a partnership of 10 First Nations, to design not just a stadium to host the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ home games “” but an experience as well.

“We wanted it to resonate internationally,” said Cardinal, from his Ottawa home Wednesday evening. “It is just a wonderful opportunity to have Regina be a place where people would want to come and see something spectacular.”

The multi-purpose entertainment facility with a retractable roof would include a casino that could potentially draw Las Vegas shows, Cardinal said. The facility would be built on a 35-acre piece of land on the current site of the CP Rail yards in Regina’s core area. According to Cardinal’s website another 727,000 square-feet would be developed for residential and commercial use.

“Like any stage, in any performance, it’s setting and the stage that’s important,” he said. “Can you imagine playing Macbeth with everybody wearing blue jeans on a white stage? You need some drama. You need to have something really dramatic and entertaining itself so that people feel a sense of excitement.”

The proposed project calls for a redevelopment of the 35 acre site in downtown Regina currently occupied by a CP railway station. The chiefs of 10 independent First Nations plan to invest in building a Las Vegas-style Hotel-Casino integrated with a new multipurpose, all-weather entertainment complex that would also serve as the primary sporting venue for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The rest of the site is to be developed in close collaboration with the City of Regina, and would include additional 727,000 sq. feet of mixed use residential/commercial contents in order to reinstitute the integrity of the downtown area, which is currently fractionalized by the freight railway station and tracks.

Along with designing Regina’s First Nations University of Canada, Cardinal is known internationally for creating the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Que., and the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.