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1762 – St. Thomas’s Church, Marlborough St., Dublin

Architect: John Smyth



Construction started in 1758 and took four years to complete. Based on Palladio’s church of the Rendentore at Venice. Described by Malton as ‘…the church of St Thomas is an exact copy from a design by Palladio, with some omissions, not to the advantage of the composition”. £2000 was granted by Parliament for the building of the church, and later another thousand pounds to finish it off. In 1809, Henry Baker suggested completing the facade with the addition of a 130ft steeple.

The Church was gutted by fire which destroyed most of the O’Connell Street area in the Civil War in July 1922. Although the external structure survived, it was decided to extend Gloucester Street (Sean Mac Dermott Street) up to O’Connell Street, and the remains were demolished.

The adjoining parish hall of 1886 was by Alfred G. Jones.