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February 19, 2011

Siptu withdraws plan for Liberty Hall

A planning application to demolish Dublin’s Liberty Hall and replace it with a new 20- storey tower has been withdrawn by the building’s owners Siptu. The union said the decision to withdraw the application was “due to detailed design issues”. A new planning application is expected to be lodged within three months. The iconic Liberty Hall overlooking the river Liffey stands at 17 storeys and was completed in 1965. It replaced a previous Liberty Hall which had itself been rebuilt after shelling by British forces during the 1916 Rising.

In a brief statement yesterday, Siptu general secretary Joe O’Flynn said: “We have decided to withdraw the current planning application due to detailed design issues.” Mr O’Flynn said while the union, its professional advisers and Dublin City Council officials had “worked hard to resolve these outstanding issues, time simply ran out on us. “After detailed consideration, Siptu has withdrawn the application to allow more time to resolve these matters and we intend to reapply for planning permission within three months.” Mr O’Flynn added that Siptu remained fully committed to proceeding with the “major project for the union and the city of Dublin”, maintaining the current building was “no longer fit for purpose”.

The Irish Times

One Response to “Siptu withdraws plan for Liberty Hall”

  • Peter Tallon

    I think the term ‘iconic’ is somewhat questionable here. Liberty Hall has long been regarded by many, many Dubliners as a loathsome eyesore, not merely shabby and misconceived in itself, but helping to utterly wreck any remaining vestige of the original (and beautiful) horizontal setting for Gandon’s Custom House (to which it is also far, far too close). At its conceptual heart lies a deep and vicious contempt for the past and for the people of Dublin.

    Liberty Hall is a disgrace to both the city, and to the architectural profession, hopelessly at that time in thrall to the lunatic fringes of the arrogant, wilfully philistinic Modern Movement which was busy ruining inner cities throughout these islands. 

    The proposed replacement merely repeats the same mistake showing how divorced from popular opinion – and common sense – that profession continues to be. This is the story of an ongoing aesthetic disaster.

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