1876 – Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Architect: W.H. Lynn




Designed in the Gothic Revival style by noted architect W.H. Lynn and completed in 1876, the church was home to one of the largest Methodist congregations in Belfast. The church was constructed by Belfast merchant, James Carlisle, as a tribute to their memory of his two children who died in 1870 and 1874.

The sandstone and limestone exterior of the building was renovated in 1966, but the church ceased to be used as a place of worship by 1982, a consequence of the declining congregation and its location at a major interface between Catholic and Protestant populations.

Previous plans to convert the church to public housing did not come to fruition. Now derelict for close to 20 years, Carlisle Memorial has suffered extensive physical degradation. Listed on the World Monuments Fund Annual Watchlist in 2010. Since that, Alex Attwood, Environment Minister, has pledged £400,000 to secure this iconic Belfast building, situated at Carlisle Circus.