1862 – Crozier Memorial, Banbridge, Co. Down

Architect: William J. Barre

Crozier was a British naval officer who participated in six exploratory expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. He was born at Avonmore House which stands opposite his large memorial in Church Square, Banbridge. In 1845, he joined Sir John Franklin on the Northwest Passage expedition as captain of HMS Terror. After Franklin’s death in June 1847, he took command of the expedition, and his fate and that of the other expedition members remained a mystery until almost the present day.

“Our illustration for this number comprises a view of the memorial at present being erected by subscription, in Banbridge, to the late Captain Crozier, R.N., a native of the town. The committee instructed Mr. Joseph R. Kirk, R.H.A., to prepare a model of the figure, which being adopted, that eminent sculptor proceeded with the execution of the statue itself, which may still be seen at his studio in Jervis-street. For the pedestal, the design of Mr. W.J. Barre, of Belfast, architect, was selected from a number of others recently submitted in competition.” From The Irish Builder, April 15 1862