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1898 – Design for Guildhall, Cambridge

Architect: John Belcher



Unbuilt design for a new Guildhall for Cambridge. The present Guildhall in Cambridge, was completed in 1939, to the designs of Charles Cowles-Voysey. “Our first review of the architecture at the Royal Academy, above alluded to, includes a reference to this exceedingly interesting and clever drawing, now on view in the Architectural Gallery at Burlington House. We have not been favoured with any particulars of the work, for which Mr. John Belcher is the architect. Cambridge, so famous for its historic buildings, is already rich in 19th-century architecture, from the designs of several of our foremost men. Mr. Belcher’s Guildhall will add to the series iu a most conspicuous way, and there can be no doubt as to the cleverness of the design of this grand staircase.”

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