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Architects & Historical Figures

06 June 2009

John J. Robinson

Initially studied for the Ministry before turning to architecture and being apprenticed to George O’Connor. He worked in London with Leonard Stokes until returning to Dublin in 1913. Entered into partnership with R....

05 June 2009

Abercrombie, Patrick (1880-1957)

After training as an architect Patrick Abercrombie (1880-1957) became junior lecturer at the Liverpool School of Architecture where in 1915 he became the Professor of Civic Design. This position he retained until 1935...

07 June 2009

Adam, Robert (1728-92)

Famous Scottish architect who was invited to plan the new city of Lisbon after the disastrous earthquake of 1755. Recognised as the greatest Scottish architect ever. His father, William Adam was also an...

27 August 2009

Adams, Alfred J. (1838-)

Alfred J Adams was born c.1838 and is recorded as being Scottish, but nothing is yet known of his early years. He may have been an assistant of John James Stevenson and Edward...

07 June 2009

Adams, Maurice Bingham (1849-1933)

After completing his articles with H.N. Goulty of Brighton, Maurice B. Adams became assistant to William Ralph Emerson, and Architect to Brighton Council. Between 1872 and 1923 he was Editor of Building News....

16 June 2009

Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson (1817-75)

This appreciation was reprinted in Aberdeen in 1925 by W. Jolly & Sons Ltd from the Scottish Ecclesiological Society’s Transactions by J. Jeffrey Waddell, I.A. Alexander Thomson was born at Balfron in the...

08 June 2009

Andrew Noble Prentice (1866-1941)

November 1883 to 1888, remaining as assistant for a few months after completing his apprenticeship. In the latter year he won the Soane Medallion, which together with family money enabled him to undertake...

17 August 2010

Ashlin, George Coppinger (1837-1921)

Ashlin was born on 28 May 1837, in a house named “Carrigrenane” in Little Island, Co Cork. He received his early education at the Collège de St Servais, Liège. While at St Mary’s...

08 June 2009

Bacon, Henry (1866-1924)

A distinguished architect, died in New York City, February 16, 1924. He was born at Watseka, Illinois, in 1866. In 1889 he won the Rotch Traveling Scholarship, which enabled him to study architecture...

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