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Architects & Historical Figures

08 June 2009

Thomas Geoffry Lucas (1872-1947)

Generally known as Geoffry Lucas, but often found incorrectly spelt as Geoffrey Lucas, was a 20th century English architect. He is perhaps best known for his work in connection with the garden city...

08 June 2009

Thomas Graham Jackson (1835-1924)

Thomas Graham Jackson was educated at Brighton College and then Wadham College. After a brilliant career at Oxford he entered the office of Sir George Gilbert Scott at the age of 23, and...

08 June 2009

Thomas Henry Wyatt (1807-1880)

Thomas Henry Wyatt (usually known as T.H. Wyatt) was born at Lough Glin, Co. Roscommon on 9 May 1807, the son of Matthew Wyatt, a magistrate and his wife Anne Hillier. He was...

08 June 2009

Thomas Hyslop Ure (1863-1913)

Thomas Hyslop Ure (generally known as T. Hyslop Ure) was born in 1863 and practised in Dunfermline. There must have been some connection with George Mackie Watson of Edinburgh who was three years...

06 June 2009

Thomas Ivory (1732-1786)

Thomas Ivory (1732-1786) was born in Cork and was originally a carpenter. Ivory was one of the most important Irish architects until the arrival of Gandon. He was the first master of the...

21 July 2009

Thomas Lainson (1825-1898)

One of the most prolific Brighton and Hove architects during the 19th century was Thomas Lainson who was based at North Street. Buildings he designed included the Vallance estate and Cliftonville Congregational Church....

07 June 2009

Thomas Martin Cappon (1863-1939)

Thomas Martin Cappon was born in Monifieth on 4 April 1863, the son of James Cappon, a Dundee shipmaster who had served under Lord Nelson and his wife Janet Martin Educated at Newport...

01 July 2009

Thomas Mawson (1861-1933)

Thomas Hayton Mawson was an English landscape architect. He was in partnership with Dan Gibson from 1898 to 1900 and thereafter collaborated with him on other projects.

03 November 2009

Thomas Verity (1837-91)

English architect. Early in his career he assisted Fowke and H.Y.D. Scott at the South Kensington Museum and the Albert Hall. He designed the Neo-Renaissance Criterion Theatre and Restaurant, Piccadilly Circus (1870-4″ā€¯mutilated), the...