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Architects & Historical Figures

06 June 2009

Vincent Kelly (b.1896)

Studied at University College Dublin, of which he was the first architectural graduate. He was one of the original members of the Irish Hospital Committee of Reference and was responsible for much of...

08 June 2009

Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley (1857-1941)

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857 – 1941), an English architect and furniture designer, was one of the first people to understand and appreciate the significance of industrial design. He is considered as one...

20 July 2009

W.C. Brangwyn (1837-1907)

William Curtis Brangwyn (1837-1907), was an architect and ecclesiastical decorator who illustrated and self-published Gothic Memorials, a compendium of late-Medieval cemetery art (1861).

19 October 2009

Walker & Howitt

Samuel Dutton Walker formed a partnership with John Howitt (1851-1923), a former pupil, in 1879 and the early 1880s saw impressive examples of their work: shops on Derby Road for Pullman now the...

06 June 2009

Walker, Robin (1924-1991)

Robin Walker (1924 – 1991) joined Michael Scott’s office in 1948, a year after graduating from UCD. Previously he had worked for Scott during his college holidays. After graduating, he worked and studied...

06 May 2010

Waller, Frederick Sandham (1822-1905)

A British architect and antiquarian of Gloucester, where he was the resident architect to the dean and chapter of Gloucester Cathedral. He began his career in the office of the civil engineer and...

29 June 2009

Walter H. Brierley (1862-1926)

York architect Walter Henry Brierley practised in the city for 40 years around the turn of the 20th century. He was known as “the Yorkshire Lutyens”. Between 1885 and 1926, Briereley was responsible...

08 June 2009

Waterhouse, Alfred (1830-1905)

Waterhouse was particularly associated with the Victorian Gothic revival. He is perhaps best known for his design for the Natural History Museum in London, although he also built a wide variety of other...

08 June 2009

Waterhouse, Gilbert (1883-1916)

Gilbert Waterhouse was an English architect and, later, war poet. He was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme while serving as a second lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion...