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Architects & Historical Figures

07 June 2009

Brooks, James (1825-1901)

As a young man Brooks was influenced by the writings of Pusey and other members of the Oxford Movement. When he moved to London in 1847 he became a pupil of the architect...

08 June 2009

Brydon, John McKean (1840-1901)

John McKean Brydon was born in Dunfermline in 1840 and educated at the Commercial Academy there. On 1 September 1856 he was articled to William Hardie Hay and James Murdoch Hay in Liverpool...

07 July 2009

Burnet, John James (1857-1938)

John James Burnet was born at Blythswood, Glasgow on 31 May 1857, the youngest of the three sons of John Burnet and his wife Elizabeth Hay Bennet. The family were ‘Independents’, i.e. Congregationalists....

06 June 2009

Burton, Decimus (1800-1881)

Decimus Burton was the son of a builder and had a successful early career in London where he built the arch on Constitution Hill, and the Colosseum in Regent’s Park. This was in...

06 June 2009

Byrne, Patrick (1783-1864)

Studied under Henry Aaron Baker at the Dublin Society Schools. Between 1820 and 1846 he worked as a measurer and then an architect with the Wide Streets Commissioners. After Catholic Emancipation allowed church...

06 June 2009

Cahill, Gerry (b.1951)

Cahill studied at University College Dublin and the Architectural Association, London. Prior to returning to Ireland in 1979. he worked with the London Borough of Camden, Levitt Bernstein Associates and the Royal College...

06 June 2009

Campbell, Noel

Apprenticed to H. V. and R.E. McCaughan of Belfast (1938-40) before working with John McGeagh. Joined the Works Branch of the Northern Ireland Ministry of Finance in 1942 and the Republic of Ireland...

07 June 2009

Carpenter, Richard Herbert (1841-1893)

Richard Herbert Carpenter was born in July 1841, the son of the architect Richard Cromwell Carpenter, and was educated at Charterhouse. He was taken into partnership by William Slater in 1863 and was...

06 June 2009

Cassels, Richard (1690-1751)

Richard Cassels (1690-1751) was of German origin and also known as Richard Castle. He settled in Ireland around 1728 and worked with Edward Lovett Pearce on the Houses of Parliament before becoming the...

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