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Architecture of Canada

11 December 2009

1687 – Saint-Sulpice Seminary, Montreal, Quebec

Saint-Sulpice Seminary (Vieux Séminaire) was erected between 1684 and 1687 and is the oldest building in Montreal. 20 years later, the building was extended by Messrs of Saint-Sulpice who ran the Notre-Dame parish...

16 December 2009

1688 – Place-Royale, Quebec City, Quebec

Place Royal is a square in the Lower Town of Quebec. Its centrepieces is the little church Notre-Dame-des-Victoires but the entire composition is a beautiful example of the architecture of New France. The...

16 December 2009

1723 – Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, Quebec City, Quebec

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, a small church in the Lower Town, started in 1687 and was completed in 1723. Originally dedicated to l’Enfant Jésus, in 1690 it received the name Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire following the retreat of the...

16 December 2009

1750s – Musee de Fort, Quebec City, Quebec

Quaint little early 18th century building facing towards the Chateau Frontenac, also with Chateau-esque detailing in the corner turret and steep rooflines. Property of the king at that time, it was one of...

30 June 2010

1803 – Hopital l’Hotel-Dieu Church, Quebec City, Quebec

Small church in the grounds of the religious-run hospital, the interior was decorated by Thomas Baillairgé (1829-1832) and by one of his students, Raphaël Giroux (1843-1846).

16 December 2009

1804 – Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral, Quebec City, Quebec

Architect: Captain Hall and Major William Robe Designed in the neoclassic Palladian style, the Cathedral was modeled after the famous church of St. Martin-in-the-fields in Trafalgar Square, London. King George III paid for...

16 December 2009

1808 – Morrin College, Quebec City, Quebec

Architect: Thomas Baillargé In the days of New France, the Royal Redoubt, stood on the site of the Morrin Centre. These enclosed defensive works were adjacent to the original city walls. Initially used...

16 December 2009

1810 – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Quebec City, Quebec

The oldest Presbyterian congregation in North America, received in 1802, in response to a petition signed by 148 persons the present Church site granted by George III, although it was not until 1809...

16 December 2009

1817 – Jesuit Church, Quebec City, Quebec

Architect: Thomas Baillargé Following the plans of architect Francois Baillargé, the construction of the chapel began in 1817. After the Jesuits returned to Canada in 1849, they were asked to assume the direction...

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