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Architecture of Czech Republic

03 September 2009

1338 – Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

The Old Town’s ancient town hall was established in 1338 after the agreement of King John of Luxemburg to set up a town council. A Gothic chapel and a neo-Gothic north wing were...

03 September 2009

1385 – Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Prague, Czech Republic

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn (Tà½nskའChrám) dominates one side of the Old Town Square. The spires of this powerful looking Gothic church (with a Baroque interior) can be seen from...

03 September 2009

1871 – Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic

Architect: Franz Beer / Ferdinand Deworetsky Originally there was a medieval fortress on the site, but over the centuries, various owners reconstructed the castle in the fashionable style of the day. In the...

03 September 2009

1906 – Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic

Architect: Wilhelm Stiassny The Jerusalem Synagogue, while not located in the Jewish Quarter, was built in 1906 in New Town and has also been called the Jubilee Synagogue.

03 September 2009

1996 – Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

Architect: Frank Gehry The site of Gehry’s Dancing House was originally occupied by a 19th century townhouse, destroyed during bombing in 1945. After the ruins were demolished in 1960, the site lay dormant....