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Architecture of Channel Islands

03 March 2011

1854 – St. Matthew’s Church, Cobo, Guernsey

Architect: John Johnson Designed by John Johnson in the Romanesque style which originated in Normandy. This is very much in keeping with its surroundings, since the Channel Islands, whilst being Crown dependencies of...

08 June 2009

1873 – Unbuilt Design for St. Aubin’s Church, Jersey

Architect: J.E.K. Cutts Published in The Building News, August 1st 1873. “The erection of this church (from the designs of Mr. J. Edward K. Cutts, architect, Hammersmith, W.) was to have been commenced...

31 August 2009

1884 – Church of St. Barnabas, Guernsey

Architects: Nottley & Trollope

24 August 2009

1884 – House, Guernsey

Architect: Ernest Newton

08 June 2009

1891 – St. Stephens Vicarage, Guernsey

Architect: John E. Trollope

10 January 2014

1898 – Unbuilt Design for State Assembly Hall, Guernsey

Architect: Arthur Ardron “This design was submitted in the early part of last year by Mr. Arthur Ardron, F.R.I.B.A., of 8, Delahay-street, Westminster. Nothing has transpired as to the decision of the promoters,...

05 April 2014

1899 – Design for States Assembly Hall, Guernsey

Architect: E.W. Mountford “The chief difficulty in connection with this design was to produce anything like a symmetrical plan on so irregular a site. The centre of the building is occupied by the...