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Architecture of Hertfordshire

29 May 2010

1887 – Houses at Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Architect: Reginald Blomfield Perspective View & small plan. Published in The Building News, November 18th 1887.

29 June 2009

1891 – Room at ‘Poles’, Interior, Hertfordshire

Architect: J. Glen Gibson

29 June 2009

1894 – House Near St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire

Architect: Alan F. Vigers

29 June 2009

1896 – The Croft, Totteridge, Hertfordshire

Architect: T.E. Collcutt Published in The Building News, August 14th 1896.

15 April 2010

1898 – ‘Chequers Mead’, Northaw, Hertfordshire

Architect: John Richmond Designed for for Ernest Mathews J.P. “This house and stable? are built of brick and tile, with weather-tiling above the ground floor. The walls are built hollow, and bonded with...

14 January 2012

1898 – Red House, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Architect: Maurice B. Adams “This country house, the residence of Mr. A. Vaughan Stevens, has lately been erected on the site of a former building which two or three years since was destroyed...

03 June 2010

1900 – House at Letchmore Heath, Hertfordshire

Architect: W.Campbell Jones Perspective View & plan designed for Ernest N. Kent esq. and published in The Building News, September 7th 1900.

29 June 2009

1900 – Science Building, Bishop Storford, Hertfordshire

Architect: H.C. Ibberson

08 July 2010

1901 – Cosmore House, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Architect: W.L. Lucas Designed for Miss Kate Curling Harrison, perspective view including plan published in The Building News, October 9th 1896.

03 December 2010

1902 – House at Royston, Hertfordshire

Architect: Geoffry Lucas Published in The Building News, January 24th 1902.