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Architecture of Northamptonshire

07 July 2009

1885 – House, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Architect: J. Alfred Gotch Designed as residence for for Mr. J.W. Chuff. South West Prospect, including ground plan, published in The Building News, August 14th 1885.

07 July 2009

1885 – St. Edmund’s Misson Buildings, Northampton, Northamptonshire

Architect: Henry Holding

15 October 2010

1888 – Design for Northhampton Board Schools

Architect: Bleakley & Cubbon Perspective View published in The Architect, April 20th 1888.

07 July 2009

1891 – Church of All Saints, Braybrooke, Northamptonshire

Architect: Giles, Gough & Trollope

18 January 2012

1897 – Stamford, Spalding & Boston Bank, Northampton

Architect: Charles Dorman The Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Company came into being as a joint-stock bank in 1880. It issued notes until 1907 and in 1911 became part of Barclays Bank. Published...

01 January 2014

1897 – The Grand Hotel, Gold St., Northampton

Architect: Charles Dorman An hotel belonging to the Phipps Northampton Brewery Company. Still a hotel, under the Travelodge brand. Published in The Builder, April 24 1897.

03 September 2010

1898 – House at Thorpe Mandeville, Northamptonshire

Architect: C.F.A. Voysey “The drawing which illustrates this house is in the Royal Academy Exhibition. The plan ex- plains the internal arrangements of the building, and the simplicity of the exterior forms its...

07 July 2009

1903 – Congregational Church & Schools, Northampton

Architect: Charles Dorman

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