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Architecture of East Midlands

25 May 2012

1879 – Derby Free Library & Museum, Derbyshire

Architect: R. Knill Freeman Derby Museum and Art Gallery was established in 1879, along with Derby Central Library, in a new building designed by Richard Knill Freeman and given to Derby by Michael...

02 July 2012

1879 – Hide, Skin & Fat Market, Nottingham

Architect: S. Dutton Walker Section looking east with detail of iron roof published in The Building News, November 21st 1879.

13 October 2009

1879 – House at Northampton, Northamptonshire

Architect: E.W. Godwin

05 October 2009

1879 – Johnson Hospital, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Architect: Weatherley & Jones Perspective View from design submission for architecture competition of hospital published in The Building News, September 5th 1879. “About ninety sets of drawings were sent in last March for...

10 May 2012

1879 – Pair of Villas, Stow Park Estate, Lincolnshire

Architect: A.O. Watkins & Sons “These villas, now nearly completed, occupy a fine site overlooking the Bristol Channel. The material for the walls and angle quoins is a hard, gritty, red stone, quarried...

09 October 2009

1879 – Sexton’s Lodge, Syston, Nr. Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Arthur Ardron Perspective vi ew including ground plan. Published in The Building News, October 3rd 1879. “This lodge, which is just completed, forms a part of the new cemetery which will be...

29 June 2009

1879 – Two Houses at Stoneygate, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Isaac Barradale “We this week illustrate a perspective view of these houses, taken from a drawing exhibited in the Royal Academy this year, designed by Mr. Isaac Barradale, F.R.I.B A., Leicester, for...

01 January 2014

1879 – Villas near Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: T.H. Baker “These two houses near Leicester were designed to combine modem requirements with tlie simplicity and purity of English domestic work {17th century). The cost is about £2,400. The architect is...

29 June 2009

1879 – Warehouse, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: William Millican