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Architecture of London

31 March 2013

1867 – T.N. Deane’s Design for Royal Courts of Justice, London

Architect: Thomas Newenham Deane Design submitted by Irish architect, Thomas Newenham Deane, for the Royal Courts of Justice competition in London, which was won by George Edmund Street. It is recorded in RIAI...

15 February 2011

1867 – Henry F. Lockwood’s Design for Royal Courts of Justice, London

Architect: Henry F. Lockwood One of the eleven renowned architects who had been invited to compete – Henry R. Abraham, Edward Middleton Barry, Raphael Brandon, William Burges, Thomas N. Deane, Henry B. Garling,...

15 February 2011

1867 – Waterhouse’s Design for Royal Courts of Justice, London

Architect: Alfred Waterhouse When the public exhibition of designs submitted to the designated competition of the Royal Courts of Justice opened in February 1867, the interest of most observers must have been in...

10 February 2011

1867 – William Burges’ Design for Royal Courts of Justice, London

Architect: William Burges View from The Strand published in The Building News, May 3rd 1867.

25 March 2013

1868 – Gaiety Theatre, The Strand, London

Architect: C.J. Phipps Deesigned by the theatre architect C.J. Phipps, who also designed the 1871 Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, this was a sumptuous rebuild of an existing theatre. Intended as a complete evening’s...

09 October 2012

1868 – Interior Court, India Office, London

Architect: Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt Matthew Digby Wyatt was am Anglo-Irish architect (brother of Thomas Henry Wyatt) and art historian who became Secretary of the Great Exhibition. He was appointed to the post...

04 September 2012

1868 – British and Foreign Bible Society’s House, New Earl Street, Blackfriars, London

Architect: Edward L’Anson Constructed in 1868, the design was first published in 1866. Bible House was the home to the British and Foreign Bible Society until the mid 1960s.

31 January 2013

1868 – Congregational Chapel and Schools, Twickenham, London

Architect: M.P. Manning From The Building News: “Facing the green in the pleasant hamlet of Twickenham stands the Congregational chapel and schools which have lately being remodelled and extended. One of our engravings...

30 October 2011

1868 – Corner of Fenchurch & Lombard St, London

Fine italianate office building, still existing although with some rather ugly additions to the its roofline.