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Architecture of London

07 May 2010

1887 – The Imperial Institute Competition, South Kensington, London

Architects: T.E. Collcutt, Arthur W. Blomfield, Robert Rowand Anderson, Aston Webb & Ingress Bell Published in The Building News, July 15th. 1887. The Prince of Wales appointed an organizing committee in November 1886....

08 November 2012

1887 – Unsuccessful design for Imperial Institute, South Kensington, London

Architect: T.G. Jackson Unsuccessful competition entry by Thomas Graham Jackson to design a new Imperial Institute in Kensgington. The massive, and to our eyes overscaled, tower would have been a local landmark. The...

03 July 2012

1888 – 55 New Cavendish Street, London

Architect: W. Henry White Perspective published in The Building News, February 24th 1888. When constructed, the address was given as No 67a, Harley Street. Still existing.

29 September 2009

1888 – Proposed Doctors House, Tilbury Docks, London

Architect: John W. Alexander

08 November 2010

1888 – 50 & 51 Fore Street, London

Architect: Delissa Joseph Published in The Architect, March 9th 1888.

22 July 2009

1888 – Buildings in Arlington Street & Piccadilly, London

Architect: William O. Milne

21 December 2009

1888 – Cheyne Hospital for Children, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London

Architect: Beazley & Burrows Perspective view published in The Building News, June 8th 1888.

02 October 2009

1888 – Church of St. Paul, Hammersmith, London

Architect: Seddon & Gough “Our illustration shows the design for the new church which is shortly to take the place of the present unsightly and inconvenient building. The plan shows a nave 103ft....

22 July 2009

1888 – Gardeners Cottage, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead, London

Architect: H.S. Legg