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Architecture of London

30 January 2013

1861 – St. Michael’s Church, Cornhill, London

Architect: George Gilbert Scott St Michael, Cornhill was the site ofa medieval parish church, which was lost in the Great Fire of London, and replaced by the present building, traditionally attributed to Sir...

01 March 2013

1861 – St. Stephen’s Church, Albert Square, Clapham Rd, London

Architect: John Barnett Albert Square is an outstanding example of one of London’s famous ‘garden squares’. Built on what was originally market garden land in the mid-19th century, it was completed between 1848...

16 July 2009

1861 – St. Stephens Church, South Lambeth, London

Architect: John Bennett Consecrated in 1861, the church could seat 1,200 people. By the 1960s the congregation numbers had collapsed and the decision was taken to demolish the church. It was totally removed...

16 October 2009

1862 – Agricultural Hall, Islington, London

Architect: Frederick Peck From The Building News, December 5, 1862: This building is now completed, and will be opened on Monday next by the Smithfield Club. It has been erected by a company...

16 October 2009

1862 – Asylum of Merchant Seamen’s Orphans, Snaresbrook, London

Architect: George Somers Clarke From The Building News, October 31, 1862: The Asylum of the Merchant Seamen’s Orphans is an institution founded for the support and education of the children of deceased and...

03 July 2012

1862 – International Exhibition, London

Architect: Captain Francis Fowke Held in South Kensington, on a site now occupied by the Natural History Museum. The buildings, which occupied 21 acres, were designed by Captain Francis Fowke of the Royal...

16 October 2009

1862 – Montagu House, Whitehall, London

Architect: William Burn From The Building News, November 28, 1862: His Grace the Duke of Bucclengh is one of the few noblemen who still retain a mansion on the banks of the Thames....

16 October 2009

1862 – National Provident Association, London

From The Building News, October 24, 1862: Our illustration obviates the necessity of describing the exterior of the building, its well studied proportions, its general composition, or ts vigorous and healthy expression; but...

16 July 2009

1862 – New Library, Middle Temple, London

Architect: H.R. Abraham Destroyed during air raids during the Second World War. From The Building News, January 3, 1862: Three or four months ago the Prince of Wales publicly opened the new JL...

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