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Architecture of London

27 July 2009

1899 – Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Architect: Harrison Townsend Harrison Townsend was a founder member of the Arts Workers Guild, and a enthusiast for the work of Richardson in the United States, although his own work was decidedly English...

22 November 2012

1899 – Yew Tree Lodge, No.2 West Drive, Streatham Park, London

Architect: Leonard Stokes Constructed of a purple brick with red brick and stone dressings and tile roof. The entrance has a flight of stone steps leading up to panelled doors crowned by a...

08 February 2011

1900 – 54, Kensington Park Road, London

Architect: R.A. Briggs Published in The Building News, April 13th 1900.

28 July 2009

1900 – Business Premises, Kingston on Thames, London

Architect: Wimperis & Arber

15 June 2010

1900 – House at Enfield, London

Architect: Arthur W. Cooksey Perspective view & plans as published in The Building News, October 12th 1900.

10 August 2010

1900 – House at Pinner, London

Architect: E.B. Wetenhall Perspective View including plans published in The Building News, May 18th 1900.

28 July 2009

1900 – New Sessions House, Old Bailey, London

Architect: J.M. Brydon Interior view of the New Sessions House, published in The Building News, August 3rd 1900.

28 July 2009

1900 – Passmore Edwards Museum, West Ham, London

Architect: Gibson & Russell Perspective View including ground & gallery plans published in The Building News, October 19th 1900. John Passmore Edwards (1823~1911) was a Victorian philanthropist, publisher and social reformer. He was...

28 July 2009

1900 – St. Peter’s Church, South Tottenham, London

Architect: J.S. Alder