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Architecture of London

24 June 2010

1863 – National Provident Institution, Gracechurch St., London

Architect: Robert Kerr “We present in this number an engraving of the new offices of this Institution, at the corner of Gracechurch Street and Eastcheap, just completed under the charge of Professor Kerr,...

30 October 2011

1863 – New Buildings in Paternoster Row, London

Paternoster Row was a street in the City of London which was devastated by aerial bombardment during the Blitz of World War II, suffering particularly heavy damage in the night raid of 29-30...

24 June 2010

1863 – New Italian Church, Hatton Wall, London

Architect: John Miller Bryson The first portion of this building has been erected from the designs of Mr. John Miller Bryson, architect, to accommodate 2,000 persons; but when the proposed extensions are carried...

26 October 2012

1863 – St. Alban’s Church, Holborn, London

Architect: William Butterfield The church of S. Alban the Martyr, Holborn was built by a leading architect of the day, William Butterfield in 1863. Sadly it was destined to last for only 78...

24 June 2010

1863 – The Langham Hotel, Portland Place, London

Architect: John Giles “The building stands at the Regent Street end of Portland Place. In addition to the accommodation shown on the ground floor, it contains 300 bed-rooms, upwards of thirty-six sitting and...

24 June 2010

1863 – Warehouse, Bow Churchyard, London

Architect: Tress & Chamberlain “The warehouse that has just been erected in Bow Churchyard for Messrs. Copestake, Moore, Crampton, & Co., as an addition to their present extensive premises, was commenced in the...

24 June 2010

1863 – Westminster Chambers, London

Architect: Banks & Barry “Among the numerous buildings of magnitude which are everywhere rising into notice in London is the structure called the Westminster Chambers, at the south-east corner of Victoria Street. We...

01 October 2012

1865 – Baptistry of St. Francis, Notting Hill, London

Architect: John Francis Bentley The church was built in 1860 by John Bentley, later famous as the architect of Westminster Cathedral. In 1865 Bentley extended the north aisle to include the Baptistry which...

22 March 2013

1865 – Church of St. Philip, Sydenham, London

Architect: Edwin Nash Demolished in the early 1980s to provide a new church and sheltered housing. From The Building News: “This church was erected in 1865 from the designs of Mr. Edwin Nash,...

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