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Architecture of London

07 August 2009

1910 – The Indian Museum, London

Architect: Robert Fellowes Chisholm

10 June 2013

1918 – Australia House, The Strand, London

Architect: Alexander Marshall Mackenzie A major landmark on Strand, London, construction on the building by the Dove Brothers commenced in 1913, but was delayed by World War I. Designed by the Scottish architect...

01 July 2013

1919 – “The Hollies”, Enfield, London

Architect: Hart & Waterhouse Published in The Building News, July 2 1919: “This is a house erected during the war, being contrived to save labour, and everything kept very simple. The site was...

31 May 2013

1919 – Coliseum Cinema, High St., Clapham, London

Architect: North & Robin In 1910 the Electric Picture Palace had opened in Venn St. Clapham on the site of a former stables. In 1919 a new magnificent cinema with 3,000 seats was...

21 May 2013

1919 – Corner Oxford St & Stratford Place, London

Architect: Arthur Sykes Still extant today, the ground floor being used for a single large store, but otherwise largely unchanged. From The Building News, September 12 1919: “This work ‘is now about to...

17 July 2012

1919 – House at Hornchurch, London

Architect: A. Henry Heron Published in The Building News, September 9 1919: “This drawing shows a new house erected at Hornchurch from the designs of Mr. A. Harry Heron, A.R.I.B.A.. of Westminster. The...

30 July 2013

1919 – Imperial Museum and Monument of Records of the Great War, London

Architect: B. Neville-Smith “The design here shown from the drawings shown at the Royal Academy Exhibition provides for a museum to contain permanent and complete record of the war, together with a memorial...

15 November 2013

1919 – Proposal for Arch of Remembrance, Acton, London

Architect: Maurice B. Adams From The Building News, May 14 1919: “An ‘arch of remembrance’ has been unanimously decided on for erection at Acton by the War Memorial Sites Committee, who adopted the...

30 July 2013

1919 – Proposal for Civic Centre with Campanile, Stepney, London

Architect: Thomas H. Mawson & Sons Unbuilt proposal for a four block civic centre with a tall campanile as part of a wholesale redevelopment of the urban fabric of Stepney. Published in The...