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Vanished London

23 June 2010

1885 – No.70, Ennismore Gardens, South Kensington, London

Architect: Basil Champneys Front Elevation including plans as published in The Building News, July 23rd 1886. This eclectic neo-Jacobean fa├žade, in red Fareham brick and Portland stone, contrasted sharply with the stodgier work...

06 May 2010

1886 – Terry’s Theatre, The Strand, London

Architect: Walter Emden Published in The Building News, August 27th 1886. Terry’s Theatre was built by Walter Emden on the site of the old Coal Hole public house and music hall on the...

14 December 2009

1886 – Workhouse, Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London

Architect: Thomas W. Aldwinckle Very similar in design to the nearby Lambeth workhouse by the same architect. According to “The buildings consisted of a central administration block which also contained separate dining...

09 August 2010

1887 – The ‘Horns’ Tavern & Assembly Rooms, Kennington, London

Architect: Crickmay & Son In the early C20th the Horns Tavern had become a major social centre with a large assembly rooms to the rear and further back along Kennington road at least...

05 April 2011

1887 – The Bridge Lodge, Nether Court, Hendon, London

Architect: Percy G. Stone Published in The Building News, November 11th 1887. The 15-bedroom Nether Court house of 1883, also by Stone (visible in the background of illustration), was accessed by a long...

07 May 2010

1887 – The Imperial Institute Competition, South Kensington, London

Architects: T.E. Collcutt, Arthur W. Blomfield, Robert Rowand Anderson, Aston Webb & Ingress Bell Published in The Building News, July 15th. 1887. The Prince of Wales appointed an organizing committee in November 1886....

03 July 2012

1888 – No.45 Cannon Street, London

Architect: Delissa Joseph Demolished.

07 August 2009

1892 – Bermondsey Settlement, London

Architect: Elijah Hoole The Bermondsey Settlement was a Methodist settlement house founded by the Rev’d John Scott Lidgett. The settlement movement was a reformist social movement, beginning in the 1880s and peaking around...

15 June 2010

1892 – Hyde Park Court, Albert Gate, Kensington, London

Architect: Thomas Archer Destroyed by fire in early 1893. Perspective view published in The Building News, November 25th 1892.