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Architecture of North East England

16 April 2010

1887 – Royal Hotel Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: James Ledingham Published in The Building News, September 16th. 1887.

12 April 2010

1887 – The Wouldhave Memorial, South Shields, Northumberland

Architect: J.H. Morton The 18th-century boat-builder William Wouldhave is commemorated by the Wouldhave Memorial, at Pier Head, South Shields for his part in the invention of the self-righting lifeboat. Published in The Building...

05 November 2010

1888 – Bradford Old Bank, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Architect: H.E. & A. Bown Front Perspective View published in The Architect, February 24th 1888.

04 November 2010

1888 – Co-operative Society Store, Batley, Yorkshire

Architect: Walter Hanstock Designed for The Batley Co-operative Society Ltd., and published in The Architect, March 16th 1888.

30 November 2009

1888 – House & Business Premises, Claypit Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: T. Butler Wilson

05 November 2010

1888 – Lodge in The Vale of Pickering, Yorkshire

Architect: W.H. Herbert Marten Designed for Alderman Fred Priestman, and published in The Architect, May 25th 1888.

15 July 2009

1888 – New Post Office, Doncaster, Yorkshire

Architect: Fred W. Masters Perspective view including plans from The Building News, June 22nd 1888.

26 January 2012

1888 – St. Vincent, Doncaster, Yorkshire

Architect: Fred. W. Masters Designed by the architect as a residence for himself. Masters was also Mayor of Doncaster in 1893. Published in The Building News, June 1st 1888.

07 July 2009

1888 – Technical & Training College, Newcastle upon Tyne

Architect: Oliver & Leeson