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Architecture of North East England

14 July 2009

1874 – Springfield School, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Architect: Innocent & Brown Perspective View including plans published in The Building News, January 24th 1885.

15 July 2009

1874 – St Luke’s Church, Dewsbury, Yorkshire

Architect: Holtom & Connon From The Building News, November 6 1874: “This church is about to be erected on a hillside, the upper portion of which is bounded by Leeds-road, one of the...

23 February 2010

1875 – Grammar School, Darlington, Durham

Architect: George Gordon Hoskins Now the location for the Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College which was established in 1970 on the site of the old Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Much of the building...

23 February 2010

1875 – Middlesbrough Assembly Rooms, Yorkshire

Architect: Robert J. Johnson

23 July 2009

1875 – New Church at Laxton, Yorkshire

Architect: Hadfield & Son Elevations, sections, details & ground plan as published in The Building News, December 31st 1875.

13 July 2009

1875 – Pair of Villas at Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: William Morley Perspective including ground plan published in The Building Newsm, October 15th 1875.

23 October 2009

1875 – Public Building, Sowerby, Yorkshire

Architect: Jackson & Fox From The Architect, November 20, 1875: This building is intended for the use of the public officers and the transaction of public business generally in the township of Sowerby,...

22 October 2009

1875 – Spenfield, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: George Corson From The Architect, September 11, 1875: This house is now in course of erection for Mr. J.W. Osseit, on an elevated site about 3 miles from Leeds, adjoining the Leeds...

11 June 2012

1875 – St. Matthews Church, Lightcliffe, Yorkshire

Architect: W. Swinden Barber Built by Major Foster and designed by W.S. Barber. Published in The Building News, May 17th 1878. This church was completed in 1875 to replace the old church down...