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Architecture of North East England

18 November 2010

1876 – Prize Design for The Public Offices, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Daniel Brade Front Perspective View & Plans of second premiated design published in The Building News April 28th 1877.

14 July 2009

1876 – Proposed Hospital, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Architect: J.T. Micklethwaite Premiated design published in The Building News, May 26th 1876.

02 February 2011

1876 – Proposed New Church, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire

Architect: Henry Walker Perspective View published in The Building News, December 1st 1876.

26 January 2012

1876 – St. Alban’s Church, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: J.T. Walford Perspective view including ground plans published in The Building News, March 12 1880. Built in a cruciform structure of brick in the Early English style, costing over £5,100, St. Alban’s...

19 June 2009

1876 – The Hartlepools Exchange, West Hartlepool, Durham

Architect: G.G. Hoskins

04 February 2011

1876 – Westgate Congregational Church, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire

Architect: H.J. Paull Perspective View including plans from The Building News, August 24th 1876.

23 February 2010

1877 – “Bird in Hand” Inn, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire

Architect: F.N. Pettingell Published in The Building News, March 30th 1877.

21 March 2012

1877 – Competition design for Leeds Public Offices, Yorkshire

Architect: E.R. Robson Competition Design for new public offices for Leeds. Elevation of Main Entrance published in The Building News, February 16th 1877.

15 October 2012

1877 – Cragside, Northumberland

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw Designed for Lord Armstrong – Victorian inventor, innovator and landscaper. Cragside house was truly a wonder of its age. A Victorian fantasy – its Tudor-style wood beams, turrets and...