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Architecture of North West England

08 April 2014

1899 – Cottages, Port Sunlight, Chesire

Architect: T.M. Lockwood & Sons “The two groups of cottages at Port Sunlight illustrated have been erected from the designs of Messrs. T.M. Lockwood and Sons, architects, of Chester.”

19 June 2009

1899 – Four Cottages, Port Sunlight, Cheshire

Architect: T.M. Lockwood & Sons

19 June 2009

1899 – Group of 5 Workmans Cottages, Port Sunlight, Cheshire

Architect: Maurice B. Adams “The housing question, now so prominently before the public, imparts a special interest to projects such as that realised at Port Sunlight, Cheshire, where the proprietors, Messrs. Lever Bros.,...

20 February 2011

1899 – Haydock Park, Lancashire

Architect: Mangnall & Littlewoods “These buildings are nearing completion. The design was selected in a limited competition, the cost being about £H,000. The architects are Messrs. Mangnall and Littlewoods. The plan given with...

15 July 2009

1899 – House at Falinge. Rochdale, Lancashire

Architect: Jesse Horsfall

16 May 2014

1899 – House, Claremont Park, Blackpool, Lancashire

Architect: Herbert Wade “This building is in the course of construction at Blackpool, at a cost of about £.1,000. The whole of the dressings are of Mr. Edwards’ Ruabon red terracotta, the bricks...

01 May 2014

1899 – Mission Building, Manchester, Lancashire

Architect: Woodhouse & Willoughby “This design was one submitted by Messrs. Woodhouse and Willoughby, F.R.I.B.A., of Manchester, last year, in a limited competition, but without a professional assessor, under the motto “Evangel.” The...

29 June 2009

1899 – New Liberal Club, Victoria St, Blackpool, Lancashire

Architect: Herbert Wade “The foundation-stone of the above club premises was laid by Earl Carrington on March 16th of last year, and they will be formally opened during the present month. The premises...

05 February 2011

1899 – Post Office, Liverpool

Architect: Henry Tanner Probably one of the finest post office buildings in the UK, reminiscent of a French chateau. Unfortunately, the building was severely damaged in the May blitz in 1941, resulting in...