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Architecture of England

23 June 2009

1904 – Cottages, Madresfield Court, Malvern, Worcestershire

Architect: C.F.A. Voysey

26 June 2009

1904 – Cottages, Paddockhurst, Sussex

Architect: Aston Webb

15 July 2009

1904 – Court House & Police Station, Bedale, Yorkshire

Architect: Walter H. Brierley

07 July 2009

1904 – Doctor’s Cottage, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Architect: Bateman & Bateman

20 September 2012

1904 – Dorman Memorial Museum, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

Architect: J. Mitchell Bottomley “This building, which owes its erection to the liberality of Mr. Dorman, has been designed by Mr. J. Mitchell Bottomley, of Middlesbrough, we, we understand, will, in execution, be...

23 June 2009

1904 – Dormay Cottages, Overbury, Worcestershire

Architect: Ernest Newton Perspective v iew including ground plan published in Modern Cottage Architecture 1904.

06 August 2009

1904 – Electra House, Finsbury, London

Architect: John Belcher

26 June 2009

1904 – Entrance Gate and Lodge, Cavenham, Suffolk

Architect: A.N. Prentice A.N. Prentice was responsible for a few buildings on the Cavenham estate, including gate lodges and smaller residences, as well as the main house. It was demolished in the late...

29 June 2009

1904 – Entrance Lodge, Broadlands, Kent

Architect: W. Eden Nesfield