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Architecture of England

26 June 2009

1906 – The Lodge, Playden, Sussex

Architect: Phillip H. Tree Perspective Views from The Building News, November 9th 1906.

13 July 2009

1906 – The New Cotton Exchange, Liverpool, Lancashire

Architect: Matear & Simon Built in 1905–06 to replace the former cotton exchange in Exchange Flags, to a design by Matear and Simon. Its façade was in Neoclassical style, with Baroque towers. Its...

07 August 2009

1906 – The Piccadilly Hotel, London

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw

07 August 2009

1906 – The United Kingdom Provident Institute, London


07 August 2009

1906 – The Westminster Improvement Scheme, London

Architect: W.D. Caroe

26 June 2009

1906 – Three Houses, Haywards Heath, Sussex

Architect: Clayton & Black Perspective Views, & Plans published in The Building News, October 12th 1906.

07 August 2009

1906 – Three Houses, Wimpole Street, London

Architect: Frank M. Elgood

22 June 2009

1906 – Torquay Public Library, Devon

Architect: Thomas Davison “Torquay is in possession of a Free Public Library, largely through the munificence of Mr. Andrew Carnegie who gave £7,500 to cover the cost of the building”. Taken from Ward...

05 February 2011

1906 – Tower Buildings, Liverpool

Architect: Walter Aubrey Thomas The present structure is one of the earliest steel-framed buildings in England, and details of its architecture reflect the earlier fortified building on the site. It is clad in...