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Architecture of South East England

26 June 2009

1874 – Ewhurst Rectory, Surrey

Architect: W.H. Fletcher Perspective view including plans published in The Building News, May20th 1883.

21 May 2013

1874 – Greenhurst Park, Ockley, Surrey

Architect: J.P. St. Aubyn In the early 1990s the mansion house was divided up into 17 fine apartments and the stables and outbuildingsconverted to 11 cottages. Twelve new houses were built in the...

30 April 2013

1874 – House, Shere, Surrey

Architect: Frederick Pepys Cockerell Published in The Building News, November 6 1874: “This house, which we illustrated last week, and which is in course of erection, for A. Clay, Esq. is situated on...

11 August 2012

1874 – Keepers Lodge, Broadwell Grove Estate, Oxford

Architect: William Wilkinson Perspective including ground plans published in The Building News, April 16th 1875.

11 May 2013

1874 – London & Counties Bank, Sevenoaks, Kent

Architect: Fred Chancellor The Surrey, Kent and Sussex Banking Company had been established at Southwark in 1836 and soon had branches in places like Croydon, Brighton, Maidstone and Woolwich. It was renamed the...

08 July 2009

1874 – New Belfry, Christ Church, Oxford

Architect: Bodley & Garner Perspective view as published in The Building News, June 27th 1879.

11 May 2013

1874 – Orrest Bank, Orpington, Kent

Architect: George & Vaughan From The Building News, November 20 1874: “One of our illustrations this week represents Orrest Bank, a house just erected at Orpington for T. Woodhams Fox, Esq., from the...

21 April 2013

1874 – School & Residence, Dover, Kent

Architect: Perry & Hanson “The house of which the illustration gives the front and north sides, is erected of brick and concrete, on the Castle-hill, Dover, for R. Chignell, Esq. The original contract...

19 May 2013

1874 – Villa Residence, Boundstone, Surrey

Architect: H.S. Legg From The Building News: “The view shown in our illustration represents the garden front of a villa about to be erected within a few miles of Famham, in Surrey. It...

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