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Architecture of South East England

23 October 2009

1875 – Design for Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architect: Alexander Lauder From The Architect, December 11, 1875: The objects sought in this design are departmental separation with convenient communication between the offices. To this end the departments are divided into three...

26 July 2010

1875 – Design for Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architects: Jeffery & Skiller / Cross & Wells Front Perspective View including ground & 1st floor plans published in The Building News, November 3rd 1876.

28 August 2012

1875 – Designs for St. Paul’s Church, Russell Street, Brighton, Sussex

Architect: R.H. Carpenter Designed for The Rev. A.D.Wagner. Two interior views: from the Narthex; and towards the Narthex. Published in The Building News, January 22nd 1875. These proposals were further additions to the...

03 July 2009

1875 – Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architect: A. Griffith Colpoys & Arthur H. Baker Competitive Design including ground plans published in The Building News, December 10th 1875.

26 January 2011

1875 – House at Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Architect: C.H. Beazley Perspective View & Plan published in The Building News, September 17th 1875.

26 June 2009

1875 – House, Putney Hill, Surrey

Architect: Lee Bros & Pain Published in The Building News, Novmber 12th.1875.

04 March 2010

1875 – Lecture Hall, Hawkhurst, Kent

Architect: Alfred Williams This was built, as a lecture hall, for Mr. Henry Maynard in 1875. It was subsequently a village hall (and now known as Victoria Hall) and is now a smart...

26 January 2011

1875 – Mausoleum at All Saints Church, Whitstable, Kent

Architect: Charles Barry Elevation, section & plan published in Building News,October 15th 1875.

03 November 2009

1875 – National Provincial Bank of England, Southampton, Hampshire

Architect: John Gibson From The Architect, January 23, 1875: We illustrate this week one of the branches of this important Banking Corporation, numbering as it does more than 130 branches in London and...

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