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Architecture of South East England

09 August 2010

1876 – Merrist Wood, Surrey

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw As published in The Building News, March 25th 1877. Country House, designed for Charles Peyto Shrubb, built 1876-7. It was rebuilt after fire in 1978, and is now an...

01 March 2011

1876 – Charterhouse, Godalming, Surrey

Architect: C.F. Hayward Designed for the Rev. J.T. Hodgson. Front Perspective View including plan from The Building News, August 11th 1876.

26 June 2009

1876 – Congregational Church, George Street, Croydon, Surrey

Architect: John Sulman Perspective view including ground plan published in The Building News, November 24th 1876.

01 March 2011

1876 – Design for The Borden School, Kent

Architect: William J. Anscell Birds Eye Perspective of the College Building pubished in The Building News, August 4th 1876.

09 October 2009

1876 – Entrance Lodge, Mentmore, Buckinghamshire

Architect: W. Niven Perspective View including ground floor plan published in The Building News, August 22nd 1876. “This lodge was designed at the request of Miss Hannah de Rothschild (Lady Rosebery) to be...

14 March 2013

1876 – House, Chislehurst, Kent

Architect: Walter F. Harris Designed for J. Allen esq., and published in The Building News, July 20th 1876.

29 June 2009

1876 – Lewins, Kent

Architect: J.M. Brydon Published in The Building News, June 9th 1876.

08 July 2009

1876 – Masonic Buildings, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire

Architect: William Ravenscroft

08 July 2009

1876 – New Examination Schools, Oxford

Architect: Basil Champneys