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Architecture of South East England

31 May 2010

1897 – “The Cedars”, Farnham, Surrey

Architect: Alfred Barr Designed for Col. W. Marsden, a perspective View including small plans was published in The Building News, December 24th 1897.

04 May 2010

1897 – A Pair of Villas at Sutton, Surrey

Architect: Charles H.B. Bridgen Published in The Building News, November 19th 1897.

29 May 2010

1897 – House, Winchfield, Hampshire

Architect: Fairfax B. Wade Designed for House for Captain Young. Front & Rear Perspective Views including plans published in The Building News June 11th 1897.

26 June 2009

1897 – Hunting Kennels, Woodlands, Surrey

Architect: E. Keynes Purchase

26 June 2009

1897 – New Ballroom & Lodge, New Shoreham, Sussex

Architect: Arthur Loader

04 September 2009

1897 – Passmore Edwards Convalescent Home, Herne Bay, Kent

Architect: Alfred Saxon Snell Built of Canterbury red brick with Monks Park bath stone dressings under a Brosely red tile roof the design was said to avoid the idea of an “institution” as...

08 July 2010

1897 – Villa at Lovelace Gardens, Surbiton, Surrey

Architect: R. Lano Pearce Published in The Building News, December 24th 1897.

06 March 2012

1898 – “Summerdale”, Epsom, Surrey

Architect: J. Hatchard Smith Perspective View & plan published in The Building News, January 21st 1898. “Tiii.^ house occupies a beautifully timbered site in the Burgh Heath-road, and was erected for Mrs. H....

01 May 2014

1898 – ‘Belmont’, Langley, Kent

Architect: Heaton & Gibb Design for Tudor style house published in The Building News, July 1 1898.