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Architecture of Cornwall

04 October 2010

1880 – Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

Architect: John L. Pearson Construction began in 1880 to a design by the architect John Loughborough Pearson, after an architectural competition. The design combines the Early English style with certain French characteristics, chiefly...

16 June 2009

1883 – Colchester Villas, Truro, Cornwall

Architect: James Hicks

11 December 2009

1886 – Church of St Elwyn’s, Hayle, Cornwall

Architect: John D. Sedding

02 December 2009

1886 – Tregaddick, Near Bodmin, Cornwall

Architect: Silvanus Trevail Tregaddick Lodge in Blisland was designed by Silvanus Trevail as a summer residence for Sir Warwick Charles Morshead of Forest Lodge, Berkshire, and his bride. The Morsheads were local landowners,...

09 November 2010

1888 – Devon & Cornwall Bank, Redruth, Cornwall

Architect: James Hicks Published in The Architect ~ February 10th 1888.

03 November 2010

1888 – West Cornwall Bank, Truro, Cornwall

Architect: James Hicks As published in The Architect, February 3rd 1885.

16 June 2009

1892 – Cornish Convalescent Home, Perranporth, Cornwall

16 June 2009

1896 – Passmore Edwards Free Library, Liskeard, Cornwall

10 April 2014

1899 – Library & Central Technical Schools, Truro, Cornwall

Architect: Silvanus Trevail The funding of Passmore Edwards led to the construction of firstly the Library, in 1896 and then the adjacent schools in 1899. Buildings funded by Edwards regularly got illustrated in...

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