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Architecture of Devon

22 June 2009

1893 – Emmanuel New Church, Exeter, Devon

Architect: Harold Breakspear “The walls of this church are of Bibbacombe stone outside, dressed Pocombe stone inside, with Bath stone dressings. The roofs are in pitch-pine covered with red plain tiles. The floors...

11 January 2014

1898 – Passmore Edwards Cripples Home, Bournemouth, Devon

Architect: Frederick Warman “The building, as shown in the illustration, has been erected on a charming site in Alum Chine, by the liberality of Mr. J. Passmore Edwards, whose gift it is to...

08 May 2011

1899 – Residence, Woolacombe, Devon

Architect: Allen T. Russell “This building has been erected as a summer residence for Mr. Spencer Pickering, F.U.S., of Harpenden and London. It is built with local stone, and the main quoins and...

22 June 2009

1900 – New Town Hall, Lynton, Devon

Architect: Read & MacDonald

22 June 2009

1904 – Bungalow, Hawkchurch, Devon

Architect: Arthur W. Yeomans Perspective view including ground plan as published in The Building News, April 22nd 1904.

22 June 2009

1905 – Headmasters House, Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon

Architect: Aston Webb Perspective View including ground plan as published in The Building News, April 28th 1905.

22 June 2009

1905 – House, Exmouth, Devon

Architect: Ellis, Son & Bowden Perspective View including ground plan published in The Building News, December 15th. 1905.

23 June 2009

1906 – “Rosamondford”, Aylesbeare, Devonshire

Architect: J. Archibald Lucas

22 June 2009

1906 – Torquay Public Library, Devon

Architect: Thomas Davison “Torquay is in possession of a Free Public Library, largely through the munificence of Mr. Andrew Carnegie who gave £7,500 to cover the cost of the building”. Taken from Ward...

22 June 2009

1910 – Bicton Hall, Devon

Architect: Walter Tapper