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Unbuilt England

05 February 2014

1903 – Design for the Cathedral, Liverpool

Architect: Frank Whalley Honourable Mention in the preliminary round of the second architectural competition to design an Anglican cathedral for Liverpool. After a open round, five entrants were invited into the final considerations....

13 July 2009

1903 – Giles Gilbert Scott’s design for Liverpool Cathedral

Architect: Giles Gilbert Scott Scott is perhaps best-known for his work on Liverpool Cathedral. When the competition for a ‘Design for a twentieth century cathedral’ was announced in 1902, he began work on...

26 June 2009

1903 – Proposed Public Library, Fenton, Staffordshire

Architect: Stephenson Stout Second Premiated Design

06 July 2009

1905 – Lambeth Municipal Buildings, Brixton Hill, London

Architect: H.P. Burke Downing 2nd. Premiated Design

06 July 2009

1905 – New Shipping Offices, Cockspur Street, London

Architect: Sir Henry Tanner 2nd. Premiated Design

13 July 2009

1906 – Crompton Free Library, Manchester, Lancashire

Architect: Dixon & Potter Second premiated fesign in architectural competition. Perspective including ground & 1st floor plans published in The Building News, March 9th 1906.

07 August 2009

1906 – Proposed Mosque for London


01 May 2014

1910 – Design for Manchester Art Gallery

Architect: Warwick & Hall Ever since Manchester Corporation first took over the City Art Gallery in 1882 there have been plans to extend the premises. Finally in 1994, a competition was held, and...

01 July 2013

1914 – The Fletcher Moss Home, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: John Swarbrick Published in The Building News, September 19 1919: “This drawing, recently exhibited at this years Royal Academy, was prepared “before the’ war for Mr. Fletcher Moss, J.P., the author of...

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