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Architecture of Bavaria

19 January 2010

1040 – Kaiserburg, Nuremberg, Bavaria

The cluster of buildings that forms the Kaiserburg is sited on the high ground in the north-east corner of the Aldstadt. The origins of the buildings go back to 1040 – when the...

20 April 2013

1237 – Bamberg Dom, Bamberg, Bavaria

A late Romanesque building with four grand towers. Originally founded in 1004 by the emperor Henry II, completed by 1012 and consecrated on May 6, 1012. It was later partially destroyed by fire...

19 January 2010

1280 – Nassauer Haus, Nuremberg, Bavaria

A fine residential building facings St Lorenz Kirche in central Nuremberg. Originally built as a fortified residence, previous occupiers have added to the building as the security aspect of the building became less...

19 January 2010

1331 – Hellig Geist Spital, Nuremberg, Bavaria

In the centre of Nuremberg, alongside the river Pegnitz, is the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. Originally founded in 1332, the wing that spans the river was added between 1488 and 1527. The...

19 January 2010

1339 – St. Klarakirche, Nuremberg, Bavaria

This simple building was Nuremberg’s first church in a predominantly Gothic style. It is curiously sited with its small apse on the main street and the entrance to the side. The interior is...

19 January 2010

1385 – Schöner Brunnen, Nuremberg, Bavaria

The Schöner Brunnen or “Beautiful Fountain” was erected around 1385 but was replaced by a replica in the early 20th century. It has a sixty-two foot spire set into an octagonal pool. The...

19 January 2010

1420 – Albrecht Dürer House, Nuremberg, Bavaria

A native Nuremberger, Albrecht Dürer lived here from 1509 until his death in 1528. The house was bought by the city in 1828. Typical of the half-timbered burghers’ houses of the 15th century,...

13 January 2010

1426 – St. Mang Kirche, Kempten, Bavaria

From 1525 to 1802 Kempten was divided into two parts: a Protestant Reichsstadt (free imperial city) and a Catholic Fürststift (Benedictine abbey). The former quarter, whose center was occupied by the Church of...

19 January 2010

1450 – City Walls, Gates, and Towers, Nuremberg, Bavaria

The vast towers and walls which surround the Aldstadt of Nuremberg were built in the 15th century. They are largely intact except for the occasional gap in the wall and the loss of...

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