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Architecture of Germany

19 January 2010

1420 – Albrecht Dürer House, Nuremberg, Bavaria

A native Nuremberger, Albrecht Dürer lived here from 1509 until his death in 1528. The house was bought by the city in 1828. Typical of the half-timbered burghers’ houses of the 15th century,...

13 January 2010

1426 – St. Mang Kirche, Kempten, Bavaria

From 1525 to 1802 Kempten was divided into two parts: a Protestant Reichsstadt (free imperial city) and a Catholic Fürststift (Benedictine abbey). The former quarter, whose center was occupied by the Church of...

19 January 2010

1450 – City Walls, Gates, and Towers, Nuremberg, Bavaria

The vast towers and walls which surround the Aldstadt of Nuremberg were built in the 15th century. They are largely intact except for the occasional gap in the wall and the loss of...

13 January 2010

1450 – Illertor, Kempten, Bavaria

Now a freestanding tower near the river Iller, the Illertor was once a gateway into the Aldstadt through the city walls. Of the other towers, only streetnames remind us of their existance.

13 January 2010

1474 – Rathaus, Kempten, Bavaria

The Rathaus or Townhall has a fine if unusual principal facade which faces onto the Rathausplatz. Bounded on all sides by streets, the Rathaus once had an arcaded ground floor perhaps for use...

19 January 2010

1477 – St Lorenz Kirche, Nuremberg, Bavaria

Begun in 1270, St Lorenz Kirche took more than 200 years to complete. An important part of the Nuremberg skyline, its twin spires flank the main west doorway. The doorway sculptures depict the...

07 May 2013

1480 – Sebalder Chörlein, Nuremberg, Bavaria

Chörlein are projections on the first floor of a house – Oriel windows. Before the Second World War, about 450 Chörlein adorned the houses of the city. The bombing destroyed 350 of them,...

19 January 2010

1480 – St Sebaldus Kirche, Nuremberg, Bavaria

Consecrated in 1273, this church is an excellent example of the transition from Romanesque to German Gothic styles. Originally built as a Romanesque basilica with two choirs, it was re-modeled during the 14th...

30 January 2010

1500 – Römerberg, Frankfurt

This row of houses was built in 1983. Just like their extension, the “Schwarzer Stern” (“Black Star”), these are reconstructions of 15th and 16th century houses, which stood here until 1944. Along the...