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Architecture of Co. Dublin

10 June 2010

1759 – Hatch Street, Dublin

The Leeson family owned this area but they let sites to John Hatch, after whom the street is named, in 1759. Hatch was a lawyer and director of the Royal Canal Co. and...

08 February 2010

1759 – West Front, Trinity College Dublin

Architect: Theodore Jacobsen Until recently it was assumed that two english architects Henry Keene and John Sanderson were responsible for the design of the main west front of Trinity College. However newer evidence...

08 February 2010

1760 – Dining Hall, Trinity College Dublin

Architect: Hugh Darley In the 1740s Richard Cassels designed and built a Dining Hall on this site replacing an earlier structure. However on two separate occasions, the vaults collapsed and it was eventually...

18 February 2010

1760 – Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin

Named after the Fitzwilliam family, Earls of Merrion, who developed this land as part of their great estate on the southside of the Liffey. This, the most cohesive estate in Dublin was laid...

23 June 2010

1760 – No. 20 Dominick Street, Dublin

Architect: Robert West Robert West the stuccodore who designed many of the finest interiors in the city lived at No. 20, a house he designed and decorated himself with very elaborate plasterwork. The...

12 April 2010

1760 – Old Windmill, Guinness, Dublin

Architect: This former windmill was once used to power the Roe Distillary on Thomas Street in Dublin. George Roe and Company had its beginning in 1757 when Peter Roe bought a small distillery...

08 February 2010

1760 – Provost’s House, Trinity College Dublin

The Provost is the head of Trinity College and accordingly a sumptuous residence was provided. Originally the position was held until death with the next incumbent being elected by the fellows of the...

10 June 2010

1760s – Clare Street, Dublin

Named after Denzille Holles (1597-1681), Earl of Clare (in Suffolk, not Ireland). The details of Dublin’s Georgian doorways varies greatly from street to street and even from doorway to doorway within the same...

04 January 2012

1760s – Hapenny Bridge Galleries, No.15 Bachelors Walk, Dublin

Beside the shop of Edward Butler, this antiques shop has a fine original shop fa├žade. In 1850, this premises was owned by D.Breen who was described as a “Life Insurance Company” and specialist...

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