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Architecture of Wexford

18 March 2014

1906 – Barrow Railway Bridge, Co. Wexford

Architect: Sir Benjamin Baker Built across the border of counties Wexford and Kilkenny between 1902 and 1906 to designs by Benjamin Baker, it is the longest railway bridge in Ireland at 2,131 feet...

31 December 2009

1906 – Templetown Church, Co. Wexford

Architect: Michael Power Templetown has received its name from the Kinights Templar, a brotherhood of monastic warriors originating during the crusades in the Holy Land. When the Anglo-Normans under Strongbow added Ireland to...

04 February 2011

2008 – Wexford Opera House

Architects: Office of Public Works in Ireland & Keith Williams Architects The new 7,235sqm purpose-designed opera house contains two theatres the principal auditorium 780 seats, and an adaptable auditorium of 175 seats provides...

01 March 2012

2011 – Wexford County Council Headquarters

Architect: Robin Lee Architecture A modernist pavilion sitting on a limestone plinth atop four broad terraces, the new building forms part of a public-service campus for 3,000 people, which includes the regional hospital...

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