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29 July 2009

1892 – House, Erie, Pennsylvania

Architect: Green & Wicks

29 July 2009

1892 – New High School Building, Montclair, New Jersey

Architect: Loring & Phipps Torn down in the 1930s.

29 July 2009

1892 – Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Architect:Charles Alling Gifford New gynasium and armoury building.

29 July 2009

1892 – The Brearley School, New York

Architect: Henry Rutgers Marshall

29 July 2009

1892 – The Randall Memorial Church, Sailors’ Snug Harbour, Staten Island, New York

Architect: Robert W. Gibson Robert Richard Randall, Snug Harbor Cultural Center’s founder and benefactors’ bequest of 1801, created Sailors’ Snug Harbor’s original three buildings as a “haven for aged, decrepit and worn out...

29 July 2009

1877 – Ecclesbourne, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire

Architect: Henry Shaw

29 July 2009

1875 – St. Andrews Church, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Architect: James Fowler Interior view Looking east, published in The Building News, December 24th 1875.

29 July 2009

1879 – Bridge over the River Lune, Underley Park, Cumbria

Architect: Daniel Brade Designed by Daniel Brade, an architect from Kendal, perspective view including details & plan were published in The Building News, May 9th 1879.

28 July 2009

1900 – Business Premises, Kingston on Thames, London

Architect: Wimperis & Arber