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29 June 2009

1886 – House at Shortlands, Kent

Architect: G. Warren Cooper

29 June 2009

1879 – St. Barnabas Church, Beckenham, Kent

Architect: Stenning & Hall Interior View towards altar published in The Building News, February 28th 1879. Never completed as designed. Most of the stained glass is mid twentieth century by Leonard Evetts, although...

29 June 2009

1878 – Institution for the Education of the Daughters of Missionaries, Sevenoaks, Kent

Architect: Edward C. Robins Published in The Building News, October 18th 1878. “This institution has been for many years located at Walthamstow, but the committee recently decided that a new building should be...

29 June 2009

1878 – House, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Architect: William Young “Continuing our series of illustrations from the drawings in this year’s Koyal Academy Exhibition, we give a view of a house erected at Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, from the designs...

29 June 2009

1882 – The New Home for Orphans, Swanley, Kent

Architect: H. Spalding

29 June 2009

1903 – General Hospital, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Architect: H. Percy Adams

29 June 2009

1877 – Congregational Church & School, Beckenham, Kent

Architect: John Sulman Perspective including ground plan published in The Building News, March 10th 1893.

29 June 2009

1892 – Proposed Church at Birling, Kent

Architect: Hubert Bensted

29 June 2009

1885 – House at Beckenham, Kent

Architect: Ernest Newton

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