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29 June 2009

1910 – Houses at Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Architect: Warwick & Hall Designed for The Marquess of Abergavenny K.G., perspective Views including ground floor plan published in The Building News, July 15th 1910.

29 June 2009

1894 – House at Beckenham, Kent

Architect: Alan F. Vigers

29 June 2009

1905 – Proposed Sailors Home, Chatham, Kent

Architect: George E. Bond Front Perspective View including ground plan published in The Building News, December 8th 1905.

29 June 2009

1873 – Bungalow, Birchington On Sea, Kent

Architect: John Taylor From The Building News, August 15 1873: “It is very difficult in these days to hit upon a new and successful idea. Mr. John Taylor, of 6, Whitehall, has, however,...

29 June 2009

1905 – Carnegie Library & Town Hall, Eltham, Kent

Architect: Maurice B. Adams

29 June 2009

1888 – Hartfield, Hayes, Kent

Architect: William Ravenscroft

29 June 2009

1891 – Presbyterian Church & Manse, Chatham, Kent

Architect: George E. Bond “The site is a very fine one in the best part of the New Road Avenue, immediately adjoining the New Victoria Park and recreation ground. The church will have...

29 June 2009

1876 – St. Benedict’s Abbey, Canterbury, Kent

Architect: Dunn & Hansom Perspective view including plan as published in The Building News, April 7th 1876.

29 June 2009

1896 – Passmore Edwards Convalescent Home, Staplehurst, Kent

Architect: Charles Grieve

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