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29 June 2009

1891 – Room at ‘Poles’, Interior, Hertfordshire

Architect: J. Glen Gibson

29 June 2009

1894 – House Near St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire

Architect: Alan F. Vigers

29 June 2009

1908 – Royal Masonic Institution, Boys New Schools, Bushey, Hertfordshire

Architect: Gordon & Gunton From 1798 charities were set up for clothing and educating sons of needy Freemasons. They originally provided education by sending them to schools near to their homes. A specific...

29 June 2009

1900 – Science Building, Bishop Storford, Hertfordshire

Architect: H.C. Ibberson

29 June 2009

Vernon, Arthur (1846-)

In 1870, having finished his training with the architect E.B. Lamb, he succeeded his father as land agent to the Earl of Beaconsfield (the ennobled Benjamin Disraeli) at Hughenden, and was appointed JP...

29 June 2009

Scott, George Gilbert (Jnr)

Son of Sir George Gilbert Scott, and brother of John Oldrid Scott. Among the buildings he designed was St John the Baptist Church, Norwich, which was later to become a cathedral. He was...

29 June 2009

1876 – Cambridge Divinity Schools, Cambridgeshire

Architect: George Gilbert Scott (Jnr) Elevations & plans from the The Building News, December 22nd 1876.

28 June 2009

1884 – Thorngate Memorial Hall & Alverstoke Parochial Offices, Gosport, Hampshire

Architect: Davis & Emanuel In 1885 a memorial hall was erected in the High Street, Gosport, at a cost of about £9,000, as a memorial to the late William Thorngate, esquire, merchant of...

28 June 2009

1891 – Southampton Free Library, Hampshire

Architect: A.E.J. Guy

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